5 Tips To Save Money On Auto-body Repairs

Owning a car gives you the freedom to travel and get from place to place with convenience and speed. But, like death and taxes, car repairs are inevitable. You know that no matter how new, how well-built and how well you take care of your car, at some point, you’ll need to fix something. Body repairs are bound to happen too, so before you take your car to an auto body shop, consider this advice to help you save money on your next visit.

Do Your Research

There are several options in town when it comes to shops where you can take your care for body work. But before you choose the first place you see, make sure you do your due diligence and narrow down a few you can trust. Go online and look up reviews of different places and see what previous customer say about these shops. In these reviews, you’ll most likely read about pricing and get a good feel for customers’ experience with costs.

Seek Referrals

Because so many people have needed to take their cars to an auto body shop, you likely know someone who can point you in the right direction. Talk to family members, friends, co-workers and other associates and ask where they’ve taken their cars. Ask what places have given them the best value.

Compare Prices

If you want to save money on your auto body repairs, simply ask different shops what they charge. Seems logical, right? Don’t be afraid of asking shops what they would charge for your particular issue, and then make a list of a few places, comparing and contrasting the total bills. Best cost doesn’t necessarily equate to the right choice, but it can certainly help you make a good decision.

Look for Free Estimates

Any auto body shop worth your time will agree to do a free estimate. Many shops provide this as part of their regular service. With no-cost estimates you’ll know what you’re up against and what you can expect to pay, all without having to pay a dime until you agree to do the work. If a place charges for an initial diagnosis, take your business elsewhere.

Look for Quality and Reputation

Sometimes, a shop that charges a little more may actually save you money in the log run. When you take your car to a place where you know the work will be excellent, you’ll only need to address the issue once. On the other hand, low-quality work may have you right back in the shop, paying again to fix the poorly addressed problem.

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