The Importance of Auto Body Repair for Denver Drivers

Vehicle owners across the country are continually in need of auto body repair. This type of repair work can often require a high level of knowledge and skill in order to be done correctly. When a vehicular accident takes place, often the damage that occurs to a vehicle is unseen – it goes beyond the outside surface of the vehicle. For this reason it is important to take your vehicle to a professional shop to get the vehicle checked and any repairs performed. Due to technology, the methods of repair have grown more efficient over time.

At BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision located in the greater Denver area, we have the skilled technicians and specialized equipment and tools needed to perform efficient and high quality auto body repairs.

Paintless Dent Repair

Dents on vehicles can occur for various reasons. A vehicle may have collided with another vehicle or an object. A severe hail storm may have imposed multiple dents upon the surface of a vehicle. Or, dents may occur due falling objects such as rock from a hillside, or even from an act of vandalism. Regardless of the cause, our professional technicians can perform auto body repair on many of these dents through an efficient process called paintless dent repair.

Collision Repair

Unfortunately, car accidents are far too common. If your vehicle has suffered collision damage due to a recent accident, then you can benefit from a service called collision repair. Our professionals can provide you with an estimate of the repair costs and do all of the work necessary, including frame repair, dent repair, repainting and more to get your vehicle back on the road again.

If you steering column and/or dashboard has been damaged, we can also replace or repair those items for you.

Body Paint and Scratch Removal

Even of your scratches are small, it’s important to get the area blended in correctly to the surrounding paint. As BJ’s, located in the greater Denver area, we can handle your scratch removal and body paint needs to get your vehicle looking sharp again.

Be sure to bring your vehicle to us at BJ’s when you need professional auto body repair services.

The value of a vehicle can be increased by repairing any dents, nicks and scratches that are presently on its surface. In fact, dent repair can potentially add several hundreds of dollars of value to a car. Even though the actual mechanical operations of a vehicle are the most important in terms of function and safety, appearance and the car’s value is also important to car owners in the greater Denver area. At BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision, we can remove any dents presently on your vehicle to improve its appearance and increase its value.

Before you move forward with your dent repair, let’s look at some of the truths, misconceptions and myths surrounding this service.

The Technique

First, let’s look at the technique of repairing a dent itself. The work of repairing dents without the application of paint, or paintless dent repair (PDR), fixes depressions in the metal service of the vehicle. Technicians use special equipment and tools to form the metal back into its original shape. The technique of PDR is best performed by trained professionals who have the right experience. When performed properly, the paint is not damaged. The dent is manipulated starting from the outside and working inward until the dent size becomes insignificantly small and blends into the texture of the paint.

In fact, paintless dent repair can fix a dent that is as much as three times the size of a quarter. It has become quite an effective process as well due to the durable paint finishes and high strength metal used with vehicles today. You can count on our team at BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision to repair your dents to where they are no longer noticeable.

Misconceptions and Myths

PDR cannot fix every type of dent on a vehicle. There may be instances when the paint has already been cracked or broken or the dent is near the edge of the panel when this method may not provide satisfactory results. As well, if other types of traditional body work have been performed on the area, then PDR may not provide a complete repair. However, the technique may be sufficient to minimize the dent so that it is essentially unnoticeable.

As well, the suction cups and dent poppers popularized on TV or elsewhere are not the end all solution to vehicle dents. It takes a professional auto body technician with the right tools and experience to solve many types of dent repair scenarios.

With all of the above in mind, bring your vehicle to our trusted and experienced auto body shop located in the greater Denver area the next time you need dent repair.

Reasons to Hire a Dent Repair Professional

If you are like most drivers, you probably fail to realize just how dangerous the roadways in your area are. Each year, thousands of Americans are involved in car accidents that usually cause a lot of damage to their vehicle. Even the smallest fender bender can cause dents.

Some car owners think they can save money by performing their own dent repair in Denver. This will usually end in even more damage, which is why hiring professionals for this work is the best option. The following are some of the reasons why hiring a dent repair professional is important.

Avoid Damage to the Car’s Paint

The biggest reason to avoid DIY dent repair in Denver is due to the damage it can do to your car’s paint. Most of the DIY dent removal tools on the market will require you to drill small holes into the dented area of your vehicle. These small holes can damage the paint and will be very hard for you to adequately patch. If professionals do have to drill these holes, they will be able to use body filler to repair them and restore your car’s paint to like new condition.

Creating Bigger Dents

When trying to perform your own dent repair, you run the risk of making the dents even bigger. Even the slightest amount of force can lead to a dent expanding. Auto body professionals know how to handle these dents with care when repairing them. The money invested in hiring an experienced auto body professional to handle these repairs will be worth it. They will be able to repair the dents and get your car back on the road in a hurry.

Be sure to contact BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision or go to their website when in need of auto dent repair. They will have no problem getting this job done for a reasonable price.

How an Auto Body Repair Shop Can Help You Take Care of Your Vehicle

Buying a car is something most people look forward to for the majority of their adult life. Once you have found and purchased the right vehicle, you will have to work hard to keep it in good shape. Without the proper amount of maintenance, the look and functionality of your vehicle will suffer. Finding the right auto body repair shop in Denver is essential when trying to keep your vehicle in peak condition. Here are some of the ways a body shop can help you take care of your vehicle.

Removing Dents the Right Way

Having a car accident is quite common. The damage that can arise from a car wreck can leave your car looking a bit rough. If your vehicle has a number of dents, then you will need to work with an auto body repair shop in Denver to get them repaired. While there are a number of DIY tools made for dent removal, they are not always effective. The last thing you want is to make matters worse by trying to save a few dollars. An auto body shop will have the tools and the experience needed to remove the dents from your vehicle with ease.

Repainting Your Vehicle Increases the Appeal It Has

Over time, the paint on your vehicle will begin to fade and even peel. Instead of driving around in a worn looking vehicle, you will need to get it repainted. Hiring the right auto body repair shop is the only way to get this work done correctly. An auto body shop has the dust-free environment and the paint guns needed to get a fresh coat of paint applied without issue.

Call the team at BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision or visit their website to find out about the auto body work they can provide. The team at BJ’s have been helping car owners restore the appeal of their vehicle for years.

Best Ways to Repair Hail Damage on a Car

When you own a car, you take responsibility for the fact that damages and problems will occur at some point. No one wants to have to deal with car troubles, but it’s an unavoidable fact that now or later, you’ll find yourself in a shop taking care of one issue or another. Whether it’s to replace a part, repair the body or handle any other number of issues, you need to be prepared to take appropriate action. Damage due to weather is not uncommon. One weather-related issue you may see is damage due to hail. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to address hail damage repair for your vehicle.

Act Fast

With any auto body repair need, if your car has suffered damage from hail, don’t put off getting your car into the shop. This is another vehicle repair issue that should be handled without delay. As soon as you notice dents, scratches and other problems caused by this damaging form of precipitation, find a trusted auto body repair shop and let the experts have a look. Procrastinating this trip will only make things worse. The sooner a technician can look at the damage, the higher the likelihood will be for a full restoration.

Take it to the Pros

Hail damage can range from minor to severe. But for even the smallest damage, you shouldn’t try to fix the problem yourself or address it without the help of an experienced, skilled professional. Hail damage repair is best taken care of by an auto body repair shop with a proven track record of dealing with weather damage. Before choosing a shop, do your research and choose one that is well equipped to help with this issue. This is especially important in cases where the damage is widespread. Even if you or a friend has some skill in the area of auto body repair, a shop full of dedicated professionals will do a more thorough job and will have your car looking as good as new in no time. Not only this, but professionals techs are trained to handle this specific issue and will ensure that damage to the paint is minimal and can be repaired.

Talk to a Technician

Don’t be afraid of calling shops in your area and explaining the problem. Over the phone, a technician can explain what the process will be like when it comes to hail damage repair. Make sure the shop where you take your car has the expertise to take care of your matter.

5 Tips To Save Money On Auto-body Repairs

Owning a car gives you the freedom to travel and get from place to place with convenience and speed. But, like death and taxes, car repairs are inevitable. You know that no matter how new, how well-built and how well you take care of your car, at some point, you’ll need to fix something. Body repairs are bound to happen too, so before you take your car to an auto body shop, consider this advice to help you save money on your next visit.

Do Your Research

There are several options in town when it comes to shops where you can take your care for body work. But before you choose the first place you see, make sure you do your due diligence and narrow down a few you can trust. Go online and look up reviews of different places and see what previous customer say about these shops. In these reviews, you’ll most likely read about pricing and get a good feel for customers’ experience with costs.

Seek Referrals

Because so many people have needed to take their cars to an auto body shop, you likely know someone who can point you in the right direction. Talk to family members, friends, co-workers and other associates and ask where they’ve taken their cars. Ask what places have given them the best value.

Compare Prices

If you want to save money on your auto body repairs, simply ask different shops what they charge. Seems logical, right? Don’t be afraid of asking shops what they would charge for your particular issue, and then make a list of a few places, comparing and contrasting the total bills. Best cost doesn’t necessarily equate to the right choice, but it can certainly help you make a good decision.

Look for Free Estimates

Any auto body shop worth your time will agree to do a free estimate. Many shops provide this as part of their regular service. With no-cost estimates you’ll know what you’re up against and what you can expect to pay, all without having to pay a dime until you agree to do the work. If a place charges for an initial diagnosis, take your business elsewhere.

Look for Quality and Reputation

Sometimes, a shop that charges a little more may actually save you money in the log run. When you take your car to a place where you know the work will be excellent, you’ll only need to address the issue once. On the other hand, low-quality work may have you right back in the shop, paying again to fix the poorly addressed problem.

Tips For Choosing A Car Collision Repair Shop In Aurora After An Accident

Immediately following an auto accident, whether it is a large or small accident, it is essential to get your car checked by a repair shop and fix any damage straight away. Failure to do so could leave your car unsafe to drive, cause the damage to become worse, or cost more money later on. It could even result in another more serious accident. But the cost of repairs are a major concern for car owners. Here are a few tips for finding the right car collision repair shop that is both reliable and affordable:

  1. Free Quotes

The first thing you want to do after an accident is gain an estimate of how much the repairs will cost. Your insurance company will need this information too if you hope to gain coverage for the repairs. You can do this easily by using repair shops such as BJ’s Autos who provide a free quotes on their website. If you gain these from a few local repair shops, you can gain an estimate of what you can expect to pay and decide which shop offers the best value for money.

  1. Recommendation

After gaining a few quotes, you might have noted some fluctuations in the costs. Used car retailer says that car repairs can vary anywhere between $500 to $2,000 for the same job. The cheapest option isn’t always the better one, however, as it could result in poor quality work. The better option they recommend is asking around for recommendations, either through online reviews or through people you know. Find out what experiences other customers have had and whether or not they would recommend a certain repair shop.

  1. Use Intuition

Your intuition is usually the best indication on whether or not a company can be trusted. If a quotes seems unusually low, it could well be a sign of fraudsters. If a place gives off the wrong vibe that you don’t trust, most likely it isn’t the best place for you. If however a car collision repair shop uses friendly service, offers a fair quote, and gives off a good vibe, that is a sure sign that you can trust them for your car repairs.

While the aftermath of a car accident, even a minor one, can cause some financial worries or concerns about how well a car will function, you can eliminate these worries by finding the right repair shop. Use the above tips to find the best one in Aurora.

Some Of The Steps On How To Lower Your Windshield Replacement Cost

Replacing a cracked, chipped, or broken windshield is essential as driving with a broken windshield is extremely hazardous. Even small chips can grow and become dangerous and more expensive to repair. The problem most motorists have is that even a small chip can be costly to repair and nobody likes the unplanned expense on top of their other auto costs. You can save at least some of the windshield replacement cost using the following steps:

  1. Check Your Warranty

    Before you contact a repair service, check your vehicle’s warranty to see if it is still covered. Typical car warranties tend to last a year or two after purchase of the car. Your auto insurance provider may also cover some or all of the cost of the windshield repairs. Even if you are still unsure, it is still worth making the call before making the repairs to see what you are eligible for.

  2. Repair Not Replacement

    If the damage is small or isolated, you may not need a full replacement after all. Avoiding a full replacement whenever possible will save you a lot of money. The Yellow Pages recommends asking a repair shop such as BJ’s Auto if they can repair a chip or scratch rather than replace the entire windshield. Small chips can cost as little as $10 to repair depending on the location whereas a full windshield replacement can cost as much as $1,500, or even more for larger vehicles, and take much longer.

  3. Coupons and Deals

    No matter what types of repairs you need, check to see if the auto shop offers deals, discounts, or coupons that could save your windshield replacement cost. Some may offer a discount to certain groups, for example, post deals on their social media pages, or offer coupons in local papers or even on Groupon.

  4. Avoid Bargains

    It may seem strange to say so, but people offering deals which seem too good to be true tend to be scammers who aren’t authorized. It may be tempting to go to them in an attempt to save a buck, but it tends to result in shoddy and even dangerous work, hidden fees, and sometimes even stolen cars. By using a trusted local auto shop, you will be assured you will get quality repairs no matter the price tag.

A chipped, scratched, or even broken windshield needn’t be a financial worry. Using the above tips, looking around for deals, and asking for recommendations will ensure your windshield is repaired to a quality standard without a hefty fee.

How to Choose an Auto Dashboard Repair Shop for Your Car

If your auto dashboard is in trouble, you’ll need the help of a pro right away. Not sure how to find and pick a reliable auto dashboard repair center in Denver? Here are a few tips to help you out:

Start with recommendations

You’re going to want to work your network and ask about repair shops they’ve tried. You never know when a referral from a friend can lead to you finding the repair shop with the best rates and services. So don’t discount those suggestions. Get as many as you can and then follow up on every last one. This can jumpstart your search and save you a whole lot of time and trouble.

Look for the Better Business Bureau approval

A seal of approval from the BBB means the company is accredited and legit. It’s also easy to find complaints about the company on the site. So if you find excellent ones, then you know you can trust those reviews to be the real deal. If you see a few bad reviews, take them with a grain of salt. However, a ton of sucky ones will tell you all you need to know: that you’ve just had a narrow escape.

Check your warranty first

If your car is still covered under a warranty, then review the warranty first. You’ll probably need to bring the car to a dealer for repairs. That means taking your car to an unauthorized repair shop is out of the question. If you aren’t sure, call up your dealer and ask.

Consider their specialization

Not all repair shops are created equal. Not all of them are going to have the resources, team or experience to get the job done right. So be sure to check if the car specializes in the kind of repair your car needs. That way, you’re sure they can pull off a stellar job.

Ask for references

Another way to find a reliable auto dashboard repair center in Denver is to ask the company for references. Call up old customers and ask them about their previous experience with the company. Was it a positive one for them? This should help you figure out if it’s a go or no.

For more information on car body repair assistance, get in touch with us at BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision. For free quotes, a lifetime warranty or questions and concerns, call us up.

Get Rid of Unsightly Marks with Car Scratch Repair

Scratches and chips detract from the value of your ride. Don’t despair, though. Car scratch repair services in Denver should fix those imperfections right up. Here’s how to find a reliable one:

Look up reviews

Look for reviews online. Check the business out on the Better Business Bureau site. What’s their rating? An A+ rating is always a good thing. That means the company is reliable and less likely to fold within a year or so. If you want to take advantage of warranty offers, you’ll want to make sure the company is going to be around for a long, long time.

Choose experience

Always go with experienced companies. The longer they’ve been in business, the better. If they been doing it for years, stands to reason they know how to get the job done and done right. That’s the kind of experience you want in your corner.

It’s not always about the cost

You wouldn’t want to hand over your car to an amateur. So resist that knee-jerk response to go for the cheapest rate you find. Remember that quality takes time. And you get what you pay for. So if you want quality results, invest in reliable services. The prices won’t be cheap but for the results you’ll get, you’ll get great value for your money.

Ask friends and family

Try asking people you already know and trust: your friends and family. Chances are, someone has had to deal with a car dent or scratch repair in the past. If you’re fortunate enough, you’ll be able to net referrals this way. An excellent referral can save you on a whole lot of time and effort in finding the right car scratch repair service in Denver.

Take a look at the service lineup

If you’re going to take in your ride for scratch repairs, then look at the other auto body services the repair facility offers like hail damage repair or dent repair. So you could have your car repaired and get it back, sans the dents, chips and scratches.

So if you’re looking for auto body repair services, contact us at BJ’s Auto Theft & Repair. We’ve been providing our customers with reliable repair estimates and assistance since 1987, from lifetime warranties to free estimates. With our team, resources and dedication, your car will look as good as new-sans the scratches and chips-in no time. So give us a call today.