Budgeting for Auto Body Repairs

While many drivers are on top of regular maintenance concerns and repairs, figuring out how to deal with auto body repairs is often a bigger challenge. Some body repairs, especially those covered by insurance, are handled easily with a predictable co-pay, and the customer is taken care of relatively easily. For those whose work does not fall under their insurance, or who are restoring a vehicle that was purchased with some visible damage, repairs can become costly. Luckily, a large portion of auto body issues are cosmetic in nature, so pacing those repairs out according to a budget plan is usually an option.

When asking yourself how to deal with auto body repairs on an extended timeline, the keys to remember are that bundling repairs together will help with labor costs, and so will focusing on one part of the car over another. It might be easier to handle all the front end work at once, for instance, rather than doing all the body panel dents from all over the car and leaving elements like a bumper replacement for later.

Our technicians are the best place to go for advice about these choices, because their insights into your vehicle’s individual needs will be able to give you the tools you need to chart a precise path through the repair. In some cases, you might even decide to exclude certain repairs in favor of finding alternatives to a full repair, providing you with the opportunity to focus on more visible or functional fixes.

Once you have a plan, financing is also an issue. Many garages offer credit programs that can help with payment plans, which is idea if you do take on bundling repairs, because it allows you to get all the body work dealt with at once while still staging out your payments comfortably. Personal credit is also an option, and many banks will facilitate vehicle refinancing to help keep you on the road. Sometimes these packages are more attractive than basic credit, but each individual repair varies.

Once you have figured out how to deal with auto body repairs financially, the next step is to figure out when your body shop will be able to get you in. During busy times, there might be a wait, but making an appointment will always get you in and out more predictably. Just remember, body work often takes longer than engine repair, so you will want to plan accordingly.

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