Hail Damage? You Can’t Always Fix it Yourself

There are a lot of places in the world where hailstorms are a natural occurrence. If you live in these places, then you know how common hail damage on cars is. That’s why it’s a good idea to find out how you can minimize the repair costs, if not exactly eliminate those costs by knowing just how to fix hail damage:

  1. Heating and Cooling Technique

  • Sunny parking spot. This is a well-used trick in the book, says WikiHow. Plenty of drivers resort to this method. They know pretty well that the heat will cause the metal to expand. This can cause the small dents to pop out on their own. You can do this by driving your car to a sunny parking lot and letting the good old sunshine to do all the work.
  • Hot water. However, if there aren’t any warm places around, you could use your kettle to boil water, and then pour it carefully over the dents. If this causes the major dents to pop out, then well and good. You could also apply hot air to the area. Using a hair dryer is good enough. Do it for two minutes. Just make sure to keep the dryer a good five to seven inches away from the dents. Contact can cause the paint to burn or leave an unsightly mark behind on your car.
  • Dry Ice. You could also use dry ice. The change in temperature could cause the dents to pop out on their own as well.
  • There are kits that provide you with suction and glue gun to repair the dents. These can have positive effects on your dents, if they go as planned.
  1. Professional Services

Not all dents are equal, though. Some are more complicated than others and require tools to fix and repair. Some dents need expert, professional hail damage repair assistance in order to go away. So if you do happen to end up with a dent that’s not as easy to pop out on your own, don’t try to deal with the situation all by yourself. Call for our assistance with hail damage repair in Denver to ensure the job is done and done right. If you don’t, you could end up worsening the problem and paying for more in the process.

So if you’re worried about hail damage to your car and the costs, don’t be. You could try these DIY techniques first, and come to our repair shop if these don’t work out. For more tips and other questions, give us a call at BJ’s Auto Repair Shop.

BJ’s Auto Repair Shop offers hail damage repair services in Denver. Call us today for a quote!


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