Is Car Scratch Repair Ever a DIY Project?

Who hasn’t had a minor mishap with a shopping cart or other small scratch producing incident? Minor scratches can often be removed and repaired with these simple tips if you want to take care of the bodywork yourself. Car scratch repair in Denver can sometimes be successfully completed at home with the right tools, but if the scratch is too deep or there are other complications, it is best to turn the job over to a professional. Take a look at these tips to see if the project you are considering is suitable for DIY or is one best done by your local auto body repair shop.

Car Scratch Remover and Repair Tips

Whether you take your car to the local body shop or tackle the repair in your own garage, be sure to thoroughly address all scratches in a timely manner in order to prevent further damage or corrosion. A simple paint repair kit should do the trick, and one from an auto parts store will likely have everything that you need. Touch-up paint is best bought from your car dealership to ensure an exact match, although many body shops will carry touch-up paint from various car manufacturers.

First, determine how deep the scratch is and which layers have been affected. Above the car body are: primer, a base coat, and then a clear protective coat on top. If you are a novice in this process and have difficulty determine exactly how deep the scratch is, a good rule of thumb is to assume it is one level deeper than you think. Wash and sand the affected area in preparation for painting (sanding is not necessary if only the clear coat has been scratched). Rub the scratch with a mild compound and then wash the car again. You are now ready to apply the touch-up paint. Be sure to apply the paint in very thin layers, following up with a clear coat.

When to Throw in the Towel and Let the Professionals Take Over

If the scratch is all the way through to the body of the car, it may be best to contact your professional auto body shop for car scratch repair in Denver. Another time to leave the job to the professionals is when the scratch is large in size and will require a spray gun or other specialized equipment. In fact, if you are not familiar with working on cars, anything deeper than the clear top coat may be best handled by a shop in Denver for car scratch repair.

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