Steering Column Repair Services

Every 30 seconds a car is stolen in the US

Every 30 seconds a car is stolen in the US.
It takes a thief less than one minute to steel your car. Most steering columns are made of plastic. It’s very easy to defeat your steering column to gain access to the ignition and start your car.
BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision stocks a wide variety of parts for all makes and models. We are your one stop auto theft repair facility. We can repair or replace your steering column back to original factory equipment and re-code the lock cylinder back to its original key code.

Steering Column Repair Service D

Older steering columns can be repaired and rebuilt. With some of the later models, the whole steering column needs to be replaced. Late model steering columns, in most cases, are not rebuild-able because they are typically sold as one unit and the manufacturer may not sell parts to repair them. When a steering column is broken, it sometimes disables the airbag. Your vehicle may need an airbag clock spring (deploys the airbag) which is located in the steering column. One day service is available in most cases. We are recommended by all major insurance companies.

Auto Collision Repair

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Need Collision Repair Work? We Can Get the Job Done

With more than twenty-five years of experience behind us, it’s fair to say that we’ve repaired more than a few cars in our time! Our I-Car certified technicians are able to complete auto body repair and a wide range of other vehicle repair jobs to an exceptionally high standard. Whether you’ve had a slight bump that needs a minor dent repair, or have unfortunately been involved in a major collision that has left your vehicle needing significant work, we can help.

Repair Services that Work Closely with Your Insurer

We specialize in working on collision damage, which means we understand how the insurance process works and where many of the potential delays and pitfalls might lie. This knowledge enables us to work closely with your insurers, minimizing the time it takes for your repairs to be completed and helping to prevent the lengthy clashes that can ensue when insurers aren’t kept fully on board with what’s happening.

Complete Collision Repair Services Denver

Denver Collision Repair

Auto Bosy Collision Repair

Why Not Get in Touch for a FREE Estimate on the Work Required

Cost is always important to our customers, which is why we offer a FREE quote for our work before we get started. This means that when you come to us with your vehicle, it’s always clear how much the work is going to be and what’s included in the price. We aim to offer every customer a fair, honest and high-quality service; part of this commitment means transparent billing and cost calculation.

Auto Body Repair at Our Well-Equipped Body Shop

We offer accurate auto body collision repair that can restore your vehicle to a high standard – whether you need paint-less dent repair, hail damage remediation or a fresh paint job from our BASF paint facility, you can trust us to get the work completed promptly and for a competitive price. To find out more about what we can offer or discuss your vehicle’s requirements with us in more detail, call us at (303) 227-1222.

Reliable, High-Quality Hail Damage Repair

It’s often a surprise to vehicle owners just how much damage a hail storm can cause to their paintwork or glass. Unfortunately, certain weather conditions can cause hail stones to grow to enormous sizes; they then fall like small rocks onto the paintwork of your car, causing dents and chips that look unsightly. We can carry out a full damage repair process on your vehicle, using a range of advanced methods to remove the dents and restore your paintwork to its former glory.

We Offer Paint-Less Dent Removal

Suitable for steel and aluminum panels, paint-less dent removal involves pushing the dent out from the underside of the panel, using rods, or pulling it out with glue or special tabs. In either case, the aim is to remove the dent at the same time as leaving the paintwork intact. Modern vehicle paints are quite flexible, so this method of damage repair frequently works well on newer vehicles.

Hail Damage Repair Denver

Hail Damage Inspection

FREE Estimate Before We Repair Your Vehicle

Nobody wants to be caught out with an unexpected bill, which is why we offer every customer the benefit of our FREE quotation service. We want you to be clear how much the job will cost – part of our commitment to providing an honest, transparent service that’s based on the old-fashioned values of integrity, respect and genuine customer care.

I-Car Trained Technicians Perform the Repair Process

With more than twenty-five years of successful trading behind us, we know that our results are only as good as our team. That’s why we invest in our workforce, making sure we employ knowledgeable, skilled workers that have the skills, experience and enthusiasm to give your vehicle the high standard of repair you deserve. For a FREE estimate when you’ve experienced hail damage or to find out more about what we can help with, call us at (303) 227-1222.

BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision offers a wide variety of dashboard repair services, from hard plastic to a soft vinyl finish. Fifty percent of dashboards are repairable in most cases. If your dashboard is non-repairable we can order a new one to replace your dashboard in a timely manner. We do not recommend purchasing a used dash because vehicles that sit in a salvage yard have most likely been exposed to weather and their interiors tend to be brittle. These dashes may be faded and tend to crack easily.

Dashboard Repair and Replacement Denver

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BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision will revive your upholstery back to pre-theft or pre-accident condition. We offer vinyl, leather and cloth repair and replacement to your vehicle’s interior that may have been damaged due to a theft or during a collision.



We offer bio-hazard clean up for automobiles, such as methamphetamine and other drug related clean ups or suicide and crime related clean up. BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision will give a certified state of Colorado lab print-out that your vehicle is drug-free after our hazmat services are completed.

Auto Glass Repair by Certified Technicians

We offer a full windshield repair service for your vehicle, using our trained team to repair the glass if it’s possible, or replace it if the damage is too great for an effective repair. Our technicians can work on basic windshields, or more advanced ones that feature rain detection technology or rear defrosters. Our aim is to offer a high-quality, cost-effective service that restores your windshield to an impeccable standard.

Same-Day Service Available in Many Cases

If you’ve sustained windshield damage, it’s important to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. We aim to get your glass problems resolved the same day as you leave your vehicle with us, providing a prompt service that minimizes the time you’re off the road. Our technicians use premium repair materials which are designed to cure rapidly, ensuring your car or truck is safe to drive in a relatively small amount of time.


Auto Glass Repair Services Denver

We Also Offer a Mobile Service

For customers that find it a challenge to get down to see us, why not take advantage of our mobile auto glass service? Just tell us where you’re parked and our mobile team will usually be able to go out to your location and fix your vehicle’s windshield there and then. Windshield repair on the go can save you a considerable amount of time; why not get your car fixed at your workplace, so that it’s ready for when you’re ready to leave at the end of the day?

Competitively Priced Auto Glass Installation and Replacement

With more than twenty-five years of trading under our belts, we believe one of the secrets of our success is our transparent, competitive pricing. Our aim is always to ensure customers know exactly how much we charge, with no hidden extras or unpleasant surprises. Why not get in touch for a FREE estimate? To book your vehicle for a windshield repair, or for anything else, call us at (303) 227-1222.