The Fine Art of Auto Body Repair

In Denver, auto body repair is something of an art. It takes experience and training to know how to repair a drive-shaft and how to straighten out a bent axle, but body repair demands a bit of finesse, subtlety, and craftsmanship. A beautiful car is truly a work of art, and you can bring it back to functional condition with mismatched patches and paint, but it won’t look quite right without a skilled body repair crew on the job. Sometimes all you need is a replacement windshield, but fixing up the original damaged body is another task entirely.

Removing Dents

The dent pullers used to flatten damaged areas of a metal car body require a skilled hand. Pull it too hard, and you’ll have a big ugly lump where you once had a dent. Smoothing the surface out with a dent puller takes some experience and an eye for detail.

Buffing Out Nicks and Scratches

You see in movies when someone takes a buffer and loses control over it, usually for comedic effect. This isn’t so far from the truth. These things are tricky to operate. Managing to take out the scratch without doing any additional damage requires a top-grade Denver auto body repair shop. Deep nicks and scratches may require a bit more attention, while fiberglass bodies typically demand a patch-job with gels and bonders. Every auto body is different, every car, truck, and motorcycle will demand its own approach to smoothing out a damaged surface and getting your auto looking like it did the day you drove it off the lot.

Matching the Paint

One of the final steps a Denver auto body repair shop will take is painting the repaired area. This is a tricky task. You can go ahead and call the manufacturer yourself and ask precisely what brand of paint they used, but it’s not going to match. Over time, your car’s paint job is going to fade, taking on a lighter tone than it had when you bought it. A skilled repair team will know how to mix the paint until it matches the existing paint job seamlessly.

Whether you have nicks and scratches you’ve been meaning to buff out, hail damage you need corrected, or a whole new windshield installed, do yourself a favor and get in touch with the team at BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision Repair and see what they can do to get your car looking like-new.

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