The Truth and Misconceptions Regarding Paintless Dent Repair

As any car owner knows, accidents are bound to happen. It is how you handle these accidents that will make the biggest difference regarding the overall condition of your vehicle. One of the most common damages you will be faced with as a car owner is dents. The last thing you want to do when faced with this type of body repair is try to handle it on your own. Paintless dent repair is one of the most effective treatments for body damage. Here are some of the most common misconceptions regarding this procedure and what the truth of the matter actually is.

Paintless Dent Repair Can Be Used on Any Size Dent

One of the biggest misconceptions about paintless dent repair in Denver is that it can be used on any size dent. The fact is, there are limitations to what this procedure can fix. Generally speaking, this technique can only be used on dents no bigger than three quarters. If the dent is any bigger, the body shop will have to use traditional dent repair techniques which are more expensive and take longer. The best way to find out what techniques should be used on your dent is by taking your vehicle into a body shop for an estimate.

This Process Can Be Performed By Car Owners

Some Denver car owners have the misconception that they can perform their own paintless dent repair. Usually, a DIY dent repair job will end up causing more damage and increasing the amount of the final repair bill substantially. Allowing trained professionals to do this work will help you get the results you are after.

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