Truth, Myths and Misconception about Dent Repair in Denver

The value of a vehicle can be increased by repairing any dents, nicks and scratches that are presently on its surface. In fact, dent repair can potentially add several hundreds of dollars of value to a car. Even though the actual mechanical operations of a vehicle are the most important in terms of function and safety, appearance and the car’s value is also important to car owners in the greater Denver area. At BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision, we can remove any dents presently on your vehicle to improve its appearance and increase its value.

Before you move forward with your dent repair, let’s look at some of the truths, misconceptions and myths surrounding this service.

The Technique

First, let’s look at the technique of repairing a dent itself. The work of repairing dents without the application of paint, or paintless dent repair (PDR), fixes depressions in the metal service of the vehicle. Technicians use special equipment and tools to form the metal back into its original shape. The technique of PDR is best performed by trained professionals who have the right experience. When performed properly, the paint is not damaged. The dent is manipulated starting from the outside and working inward until the dent size becomes insignificantly small and blends into the texture of the paint.

In fact, paintless dent repair can fix a dent that is as much as three times the size of a quarter. It has become quite an effective process as well due to the durable paint finishes and high strength metal used with vehicles today. You can count on our team at BJ’s Auto Theft & Collision to repair your dents to where they are no longer noticeable.

Misconceptions and Myths

PDR cannot fix every type of dent on a vehicle. There may be instances when the paint has already been cracked or broken or the dent is near the edge of the panel when this method may not provide satisfactory results. As well, if other types of traditional body work have been performed on the area, then PDR may not provide a complete repair. However, the technique may be sufficient to minimize the dent so that it is essentially unnoticeable.

As well, the suction cups and dent poppers popularized on TV or elsewhere are not the end all solution to vehicle dents. It takes a professional auto body technician with the right tools and experience to solve many types of dent repair scenarios.

With all of the above in mind, bring your vehicle to our trusted and experienced auto body shop located in the greater Denver area the next time you need dent repair.

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