Why Opt for Paintless Dent Repair in Denver?

Nobody likes dents on their cars. A small dent on the car can greatly reduce the outward appearance of your vehicle. However, if you drive, it’s virtually impossible to avoid dents. A small scratch on the car can not only result in a dent, but it can also ruin the car’s paint job. In many cases, hail falling from the sky can also damage your car.

If your car has several dents on the body, you should consider going to a denting and painting specialist. At BJ’s Auto Theft and Collision, we offer top quality paintless dent repair in Denver. We can repair dents in both steel panels and aluminum. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our paintless dent repair services:


At BJ’s Auto Theft and Collision, we make sure that we provide top quality services at the most affordable rates. When you first visit our workshop, we will inspect your car and then give you a quote. Our dent repair services are quite affordable, so you don’t have to worry about paying over the top. We understand that hail damage can occur rapidly and without any proper warning. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s paint and then decide on the most affordable repair option.


You don’t have to leave your car at our workshop for the whole day. We will get the repairs done in the shortest possible time frame and then return the car to you as soon as the work is finished. We use a variety of different techniques in order to repair the dents on your car. If we feel that a proper paintless dent removal job cannot be completed, we will let you know beforehand. We generally use metal rods and body picks in order to push out the dents from underneath the body panel. This way, the paint on the car isn’t directly affected.

We will fine tune the repair in order to remove small spots, so that the car looks as good as new. Having been in service for more than two decades, BJ’s Auto Theft and Collision has had plenty of experience in dealing with different kinds of repair jobs. Whether your car was damaged due to hail or due to an accident, we will repair it and make it look as fantastic.

If paintless dent repair cannot be carried out on the car, we can also perform alternate thorough repairs. Our paint matching experts will find the perfect match based on your car’s paint job. By the time we are done with your vehicle, you won’t even notice the difference!

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