Lakewood Hail Damage Repair

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We Offer Paint-Less Dent Removal

Suitable for steel and aluminum panels, paint-less dent removal involves pushing the dent out from the underside of the panel, using rods, or pulling it out with glue or special tabs. In either case, the aim is to get rid of the dent at a similar time as going the paintwork intact. modern vehicle paints are quite versatile, thus this methodology of harm repair ofttimes works well on newer vehicles.


It’s usually a surprise to vehicle owners simply how much damage a hail storm will cause to their paintwork or glass. sadly, the certain weather will cause hailstones to grow to huge sizes; they then fall like tiny rocks onto the paintwork of your car, causing dents and chips that look unpleasant. We carry out a full damage repair process on your vehicle in Lakewood, using a variation of advanced ways to get rid of the dents and restore your paintwork to its former glory.

FREE Estimate Before We Repair Your Vehicle

Nobody wants to be caught out with an unexpected bill, which is why we provide each customer the advantage of our FREE quotation service in Lakewood. We want you to be clear what quantity the job can cost – a part of our commitment to providing an honest, transparent service that’s based on the old-fashioned values of integrity, respect, and genuine customer care.

I-Car Trained Technicians Perform The Repair Process

With over twenty-five years of successful trading behind us, We know that our results are solely nearly as good as our team. That’s why we invest in our workforce, ensuring we use knowledgeable, experienced workers that have the skills, experience, and enthusiasm to give your vehicle the high standard of repair you merit.

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