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BJ’s Auto Theft Repair in Denver, CO Happy to Help Expecting Mother

BJ’s Auto Theft Repair in Denver, Co was happy to help an expectant young mother get her vehicle back, and in great condition. Nearly a year ago, Meleieh Harsch pulled a woman out of her vehicle during a terrible vehicle crash on I-70, near Lakewood, CO. In the process, her own vehicle was badly damaged….

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What Kind of Paint Do You Use For Cars?

The title above has a lot to unpack. Why? Because it is a question that sounds as if you should look at painting your car as a DIY venture, which it isn’t. If the outcome is important to you, and you want the best looking and longest lasting finish (along with functional rust protection), you…

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Important Guidelines for Dashboard Repair

When we’ve had any sort of auto accident and collision, we think of the mechanical and body work or repair needed. Not many think about the auto dashboard repair. It is one of the most commonly damaged or destroyed components in an accident. It is only about half that can have auto dashboard repair, though,…

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What Does a Service on a Car Include?

A car repair shop is no different than any other business in that no two are identical. As a simple example of this, take the question posed in the title of this article – what does service on a car include? In some instances, that service will be limited exclusively to what you have requested….

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After Car Theft – Putting Things Back to Normal

If you searched for your car in a parking lot and realized it was gone, you know the feeling of anger and frustration that comes from car theft. Your whole life is turned upside down, and you feel “violated.” In most cases, you’ll get your car back, but it will probably have damage to the…

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Is Car Scratch Repair Ever a DIY Project?

Who hasn’t had a minor mishap with a shopping cart or other small scratch producing incident? Minor scratches can often be removed and repaired with these simple tips if you want to take care of the bodywork yourself. Car scratch repair in Denver can sometimes be successfully completed at home with the right tools, but…

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Common Causes of Auto Body Damage

One of the biggest investments you will make is in the purchase of a new vehicle. Once you have found and purchased the right vehicle, you should focus on keeping it in good shape. Having body damage can severely reduce the amount of appeal a vehicle has. If you are faced with this type of…

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How Much It Will Cost To Paint Your Car At an Auto Paint Shop

When your favorite vehicle needs a new coat of paint, it’s important to understand how much that service will cost. You might want a fresh paint job if your paint has faded, there has been collision damage, or you just want to switch things up a little bit. The problem is that it’s hard to…

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Reasons to Get to Know Your Mechanic

Driving is one of America’s favorite pastimes. We love getting out and going for a drive, especially in the scenic natural landscape here in Denver. An auto body repair shop is the last place you want to end up, though. But it doesn’t have to be as bad as you think! One of the best…

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Reasons to Hire Professionals to Restore Your Classic Car

Finding the right car to purchase and drive is not an easy task. For some people, buying old cars and having them restored is something they are passionate about. The appeal and functionality these older cars have is a large part of their appeal. Unless you have a great deal of experience with car restoration,…

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